Anti-dirt mesh Croozer


Anti-dirt mesh for trailers CROOZER.

For trailers produced 2005-2009 and 2010 and later.

Staubschutz Varianten: Croozer 1-Sitzer (Schwarz)
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Note: Not certified as pollen protection.

Designed for CROOZER  trailers.

Mesh protection for 1 and 2 seater trailers available in several colors.

ATTENTION! Choose the right model for your trailer. If you purchased a second-hand truck and are not sure what your truck model is, follow the Tips in the main menu.

When riding with the Croozer or XLC, dirtness bounces off the front wheel (of the towing bike wheel)and falls through the original front trailer net through. Thanks to our dust protection net, your baby will not be dusty and covered with dirt such as stones or needles after riding off-road.

The original netting remains on the cart, this netting is only additional, so there is no need to intervene in the original trailer cover to avoid losing your warranty.

The net is inconspicuous - it is attached under the original CROOZER net.

The screen is made of fine mesh, catches even tiny dirt.

Trailer attachment: with Velcro fasteners on the trailer construction

Can be used together with DOGY front sun protection and DOGY side sun protection.