Sun side protection


Side sun protection for CROOZER and XLC by CROOZER trailers

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Colors: Grey
Trailer brand: Croozer
We will inform you about delivery date (5-10 days)

Set of 2 pieces (1 pair) - for the right and the left side.

Available in several colors.

Designed for CROOZER since 2010 and XLC by CROOZER since 2016.

The curtains are attached to the trailers frame using Velcro fasteners.

If you do not want to use the screen (eg cloudy weather), it is not necessary to remove it, just roll it up and fasten again with Velcro fasteners to the construction of the trolley.

Can be used at the same time with DOGY front sun protection or DOGY dust mesh protection.

Not sure if you have a CROOZER 2010 or older? Follow the advices in Tips in the main menu.

Installation instructions included.