The most effective body and head support for a trailer  CROOZER and XLC by CROOZER for children from about 8-10 months and older, who are already sitting alone.

Der Liefertermin wird bekannt geben
Trailer construction year: 2005-2009
Colors: Grey
We will inform you about delivery date (5-10 days)

Head and torso support dedicated for all CROOZER and XLC by CROOZER models

Support is needed for tiny babies who move from babyseat to the trailer seat.

Trailer seats are very wide and tiny children fall sideways. Your baby will comfortably sit in the pillow and can fall asleep comfortably without collapsing the body and head to the sides.

For older model series (until 2009)a small adjustment of your seat belts is necessary. The necessary information are included in the package.