Suspension set for BURLEY Tail Wagon


Steel CERTIFIED suspension for dog trailer BURLEY Tail WAGON -  ECONOMY version ( coated steel) suitable up to 15kg of load.

The suspension provides exclusive stroke up to 10cm, stiffness control.

Available from April 2020

Suspension color: Red
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Installation is carried out without affecting the design of the trailer. Complete set of suspension for both wheels contains springs designed for 0-15kg load including fasteners. DOGY suspension will make your trailer safe, comfortable and healthy for your dog.

Thousands of satisfied customers confirm the positive impact on the comfort and safety. The suspension makes travelling in the trailer a beautiful experience.  With DOGY suspension you can safely leave the asphalt roads and you can go with the baby into the countryside, without the danger of cars and fumes from them, on beautiful field or forest paths and paths - with fresh air, no noise, to a pleasant quiet environment for you even your dearest.

Set weight: 1880g + 200kg for consoles

Differences from LIGHT version:

  • The ECONOMY version is designed only for load to 15kg.
  • The ECONOMY version is about 300g heavier than the aluminum version LIGHT.
  • The surface is powder-coated.
  • ECONOMY version contains 1 pair of singel bearing housing.

The different versions for different years of production of the trailers differ in fasteners. Suspension has the same function and design.

ECONOMY is designed for BURLEY Tail WAGON

 The suspension stiffness can be adjusted by sliding the spring into the more distal hole. This increases stiffness.

Mount the suspension increase the trailer width by approx. 3.5 cm on each side, increasing the stability of the trailer.