2-part body and head support for LEGGERO ENSO


Material: knit (absorbent and comfortable) lined with stiffer material. Hollow fiber filling.

The support is ideal for the transition from babyseat to seat. It will make the seating as comfortable as possible.

In our opinion, however, it is not a necessity for larger children, the seat itself is pleasant for children.

We recommend it to children from the time when they can sit on their own.

Maximum size: estimated up to a maximum of 2 years (but smaller in size).

Der Liefertermin wird bekannt geben
Colors: Origami schwarz
We will inform you about delivery date (5-10 days)

Parts of the support can be used from the very youngest (as soon as the child can support itself) - trunk support - up to the age of 5 - head support. As soon as the child is older, the headrest is mainly used. The lower part (i.e. the trunk support) can be used from the moment the baby can sit up unaided and remains seated without support.

If the baby is not yet able to sit up independently, you must use the seat support.

The trunk support is shorter on 2-seater than on 1-seater (because of the smaller seat). With 1-seater, both parts of the support can be used depending on the size (height) of the child. Usually at the age of 1.5 to 2 years.

This support consists of 2 parts that can be used separately:

- Trunk support

- headrest

The headrest can also be purchased separately if you already have an older child and you no longer need the lower part (torso support).

Available in 3 colors.


Torso support threads through seat belts, head support attaches with velcro around belts + cords connected by slider are used to adjust suspension height. On prams from 2016 the head section is clamped into the eyelet for the baby seat, on older prams it is clamped behind the upper structure.


Hand wash or machine wash is recommended.

Drying: do not tumble dry.


Made from certified material for children under 3 years old.

Filling: hollow fiber.

absorbent material.