Visa or Mastercard? GoPay is a well known ad approved payment system with a high level of security. It offers all payment methods including card payment as part of a single user interface with optimized steps for quick and easy payment. Each customer can control processed payments on their own GoPay account where each payment is registered.

Payment system GoPay is authorized and controlled by the Czech National Bank as an institution with electronic funds and is under the control of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. GoPay is your partner to your payment with the guarantee of confidential and secure payment. More information can be found at

How to pay with GoPay

1. Select Goods / Service

In the e-shop that accepts GoPay, load your shopping cart.

2. Confirm your order

Fill out your personal details and confirm your order

3. Complete the registration

Payment system GoPay will be opened, where you will complete the registration with e-mail address and telephone number. At this phone number you will receive a short message about the payment.

4. Select the payment method

 Choose the preferred method of payment or make the payment of a balance on your GoPay account.

5. Confirm your payment

Follow the instructions of the selected payment method. After completing your payment will be redirected back to the e-shop.