We will write some articles about our experiences to help you choose the right trailer for you and your children. It will take some time, but before we do, we should provide a manual on how to determine the year of  the production your trailer. This information is connected with diffrenet types of accessories in our range.

Assembly manual of the suspension

Trailers were produced in 5 different series:

  • before 2005
  • 2005-2012
  • 2013-2015
  • 2016-2018 (CROOZER + XLC 2019)
  • 2019 (CROOZER)

1. Series before 2005

Trailers have a diferent wheel axle diameter than +/- 11,9 mm, which is a standard for models 2005 nad newer.

2.Series 2005-2012

The diameter of the wheel axle is +/- 11,9 mm.

Trailers were equipped with a parking brake. Brakes were on each side of the trailer as you can see on the picture.

This brake could be used also after assembly of the suspension on your trailer. You can find "how to do it" in the assembly manual. 


3. Series 2013-2015

Trailers from this series were equipped with a parking brake. This brake is engaged just by one lever on the right side. The brake activation means blocking the tyres by a "braking foot" which is pushed into the tyre on both side of the trailer.


4. Series2016-2018 (CROOZER + XLC 2019)

Trailer from 2016 until 2018 have a parking brake, which is also engaged by one brake lever on the right side. On the trailers wheels you find a plastic brake sprocket, which is blocked by a brake pin after engaging the brake. This brake sprocket could be changed in a disc of the DOGY Components disc brake,


5. Series2019 (CROOZER)

CROOZER trailers, series 2019+ have the same braking system. There is just a minor change by a original wheel schaft which is 4,5cm long, instead of +/- 2,5 cm.