Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get a comprehensive customer review, even though we have thousands of customers in Europe and some outside of Europe. For this reason, we decided to check the quality of the DOGY suspension. So we find an idea to do our own test. It took 4 months to turn the idea into reality and here is the result.

We have developed a unique test tool to test the comfort of the child trailers. In the video you can see the difference between a non-suspensioned Croozer and a Crooger with a DOGY suspension kit. Make your own opinion to the difference.





Luca B. (Switzerland)

I ordered suspension and disc brakes for the Croozer Kids 2 2018.

Suspension: It is a top product, My son barely moves/shakes  in the Croozer. Very recommendable product.

Disc brakes: very pleasant for jogging and skating and brakes the Croozer Perfect even with a full brake.

Conclusion: suspension is certainly very comfortable for the child to sit on. Disc brake is certainly a good aid for the safety of the child and the driver.



I recently bought my son a Croozer for a test and it wasn't that. I found your company on the Internet and ordered your accessories (fixed axle, suspension, dust net, etc.) and I would like to thank you at least in this way. Your suspension has no competition. What I ride with rescue colleagues who have Thule Chariot just shakes his head in disbelief. Overall workmanship, quality of the material, everything fits exactly, just a stone. And the willingness and action, so you just can't see it. If someone asks, I immediately recommend you.

Have a nice day Pavel Plotzer and many thanks for your products


Christian D.

Ich habe für den Croozer Kids for 2 Baujahr 2014 die Federung gekauft und sie bietet einen sehr guten Komfort für die Kinder. Es ist den Preis auf jedenfall Wert und ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Kauf.


Dominik F.

The dogy suspension is a fantastic produc, already in use since 3 years now: it is easy to mount and works perfectly. My daughter enjoys now our long trips (30-60km usually) without any complain thanks to a fantastic suspension: the trailer is on use on tarmac, but mainly offroad like gravel roads and natural forest tracks. Much better than any „damping solution“ from trailer makers. (Croozer for One)" 


Thomas S.

ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Federung,

einzig die Breite des croozer ist dann doch neu zu lernen, gerade als Zweisitzer.


Eduardo (Brazil)

Suspension does make a great dofference on the ride. A lot more smooth and comfortable. 

Thank you!


Enrico H.


Noch mal vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung


Monika A.

It took some time spend on tests before letting You know how are trips with Your suspension, but now my opinion is ready.

This is money well spent for sure.

In my trolley main passanger is my two years old highly disabled doughter. She cannot speak but she makes happy noises during trips in Croozer with Your suspension.

First trip we took she was napping for the first time since we have the trolley. We were riding for 3 hours in different surfaces and nothing disturbed her sleeping.

It is easy to assemble even for a woman



the Dogy suspension has arrived and works perfectly! The assembly was very easy and fast done. That's fun again! Thanks!