We are a family company with very long history and experience with production of bike components. In 90´the main production and construction development was connected with the brand ROOX. One of the most world-wide known brands in the mountain bike world. Yes, all the chain rollers and handlebar horns where produced in our company. We were also supplying company Rotwild with several special parts and also producing the bike carrier Hucky Bike for European market. 

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This experience allowed us to develop and produce components for higher safety and comfort of the children in bike trailers. The year 2008 was the most important year for us. Our daughter was born. She is called Lucie and this was the most important movement for us to think about her safety and comfort during our bike trips. Few months after her born, the first suspension for our CROOZER trailer was developed. On behalf of unexpected interest from our friends and neighbourhoods we made several improvement and start to produce in serial production. Our second son Daniel was the main tester of our products. More than 10 years pass over and the demand was transformed to a business. The business with products for children safety and comfort.


Daniel und Martina

DOGY Components